*NEW* OWL3073/B 'NOVA' Q5 & COB *ULTRA BRIGHT* LED Mini Pocket Torch - Black

Product description:

Inspired by the cool dark and starry evening skies, our 'Nova' torch is a sleek, powerful and pocket size! The *ULTRA BRIGHT* Q5 LED beam and COB LED side light illuminate your surroundings allowing excellent visibility whilst out walking. In addition to the regular 'on' beam of the torch, the Nova also features a 'flashing' front beam and 'flashing' side light which is particularly handy in emergency situations. The front beam also features a 'zoomable' option allowing it's user to increase/decrease the diameter of the beam and finely focus it on a particular point on the ground or object. As it's size is so compact, it fits inside your pocket, bag, or backpack very easily. It also makes an ideal emergency torch to keep inside your car or at home! Ideal use: walking, hiking, camping, festivals, security guard, emergency car/home torch! 


. Model No: OWL3073/B
. Size: L=95mm (105mm fully extended) x W=24mm
. Weight: 35g (excluding batteries)
. Light source: Q5 + COB LED
. Lumen: 250 lumen light output
. Power supply: 1 x AA 1.5V battery
. Operating voltage: 1.5V
. Lighting times: 
Front torch light: high power mode: approximately 1.5 hours
Front torch light: low power mode: approximately 10 hours
Side torch light: approximately 1.5 hours
. Material: aluminium

Complete with **FREE** Philips battey (1 x AA 1.5V power alkaline battery) LIMITED TIME ONLY!!

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