In today's hi-tech, switched on World, late evenings are a growing part of our culture. Work, creativity, entertainment and social media are part of every day life. 'Night Owl' products are specifically designed to accessorise your nights under the stars whether you're working, relaxing or having fun. Our products also make fantastic gifts for friends and family or that special someone in your life. They help to create a fun and friendly atmosphere for everyone!


Q: What are Night Owl products?
A: Night Owl products are fun and practical accessories to compliment your evenings either at home or away.

Q: How can I use Night Owl products?
A: Stylish mugs for a late evening drinks, warm fleece blankets to snuggle up with, radios for the late show and torches for outdoors and emergency use.

Q: Who are Night Owl products suited to?
A: Adults and teenagers alike will love the our stylish, fun and practical Night Owl products.

Typical Uses

Film nights, evening radio shows, social media netowrking, evening shifts, hobbies, writing, musician, creativity, computer gaming/programming, dog walking, camping, festivals, security guard, night time driving, parties, astro photography and many more!